5 Hobbies to Consider This Spring/Summer

The snow is now in full melting mode and depending where you are located that means spring is here! So while you are out enjoying Easter egg hunting and the beautiful weather this weekend, it is a great time to start thinking about picking up a new hobby for the spring/summer. Here are my top 5 hobbies to consider picking up this spring and summer:

  1. Hiking
    Moab Hike
    We are so connected to devices and monitors these days, that we miss the little moments. Take time this spring or summer to try a new hike. This doesn’t just mean a trek up a 14er, but rather a walk through a new meadow watching the flowers bloom or heading out to a waterfall as it is roaring with the spring water runoff.
    Find your next hike: http://www.stateparks.com/.
  1. Try a New Group Sport
    Kickball 2
    Team sports aren’t just for kids and jocks! Don’t be afraid to check out your local community bulletin for sports leagues and pick-up game nights. A group “sport” isn’t just the adult softball or volleyball league these days as there are numerous options to get out and get active. Last year I found a local kickball league and played as a pickup sub. Not only was it a great way to motivate me to do something new, but I met amazing people along the way.
    Find leagues near you: http://sportsvite.com/cities
  1. Yoga
    If the team thing isn’t for you try Yoga! I just started and it is amazing how you become in tune with muscles you didn’t even know you had. You can again check your local community sites for free or low cost yoga sessions. Across Minnesota and Colorado there are many meet-up sessions in parks, near lakes, or in community spaces that are free. If you want a twist on it, try paddle board yoga you will not regret it!
  1. Water Exploration
    I think in a previous life I was a fish, so for me water exploration is always high on my list of spring/summer activities. This includes everything from renting a kayak/canoe and floating down a river, to cliff jumping once the weather gets warmer. Make sure to do a quick search this season for new hidden gems in your area to explore and check out. Try a new beach or find a hot spring to hike to.
  2. Boating

    Shhhhhh here is a secret… you don’t have to own a boat to go boating! What I have learned is that many boat owners don’t have enough people to fill their boat or a have a 3rd to spot. If you want to get out on the water and try a new sport like wakeboarding, surfing, or skiing try Meetup: https://www.meetup.com. Just don’t be a Jerry and ask to go tubing! Okay fine, with a couple of beverages, adult tubing is okay. Just make sure to be mindful and respect the owner: bring money for gas, your own beverages with some extras for the boating crew, and help cleanup and wipe down the boat at the end of your session.

Not a fan of my suggestions? Find your own new hobby here: http://discoverahobby.com/listofhobbies.

Happy Shredding – XOXO


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