Spring Snowboarding: Helpful Tips & Tricks

Never discount Mother Nature she will always surprise you! Just like this week in Breckenridge, Colorado we have gotten a reported 18+ inches in the last 72 hours, trust us it was DEEPER though!

After a droughtful spring and the powder shocker this week, it reminded us that spring riding is much different than regular season. Therefore, we wanted to share 5 Tips and Tricks to spring riding:

  1. Waxing
    No I am not talking about that bikini line for women or men’s chest hair since it is spring! It is easy because it is the end of season to want to pass on tuning your board. However, you will be able to ride that much better keeping your board waxed. It is important in the spring to remember to switch your wax up based on temperature. Adverse spring conditions mean temperatures can drastically change. Having the right temperature wax base is important to keep you from sticking.
  2.  Stance
    Again as snowfall changes regularly and it can go from an ice rink to a dream overnight, take the 5-10 minutes to change-up your stance. Trust me you will thank us later! When you haven’t rode in powder for weeks it is just that much easier to float with no effort by putting your stance back on the board. On the opposite, it is easier to carve and maneuver going back towards center when on the groomers.
  3. Switch It Up
    Now is a great time to play with your stance and setups. It is always good to try new ways of riding your own board, you never know you may prefer duck footedness to how you are riding today. By switching it up we also literally mean SWITCH it up! If you haven’t tried riding switch this is a great time to try it or really hone in on that skill set. It works on your versatility and will make you that much of a better rider, making you more confident going into next season.
  4. Take a Chance
    This is the time of year when the “kids don’t try this at home” is NOT in effect! Don’t be afraid to go big and bold it is the end of the season and this is your last chance to hit that big drop or crush that rail.
  5. Watch Out For Obstacles
    Gapers, Jerry’s, and Texans Oh MY!
    Just kidding we mean rocks, stumps, trees, and anything else hidden beneath that light 2-3 inches. Just like early season there are a lot of obstacles starting to reappear from beneath the snow. Make sure to know your terrain and know that with the sun and warm temps it can be drastically different from one day to the next.

Not sure what the mystical creature called a “gaper” is read this hilarious article from Teton Gravity

Happy Shredding – XOXO


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