After some time away and like the spring I am back! It is amazing how wrapped up in something you can get and with the blink of an eye you’re into the next season.

So with the lack of fresh snow and temps in the 80s here in Denver this weekend, it is time to start thinking about THAWING out and getting ready for WAKE season! Whether it is wakeboarding or wakesurfing, here are 5 crucial elements to start working on and the exercises to have them ready :

  1. Explosive Leg Strength – Frog Hops
    Helps in getting up out of the water and creates more powerful takeoffs when leaving the wake.How to: Perform 10 straight-forward jumps from a full squat and focus on fully extending your legs and arms. Try to gently cradle your landings — imagine landing on a scale and trying to keep the weight from spiking to a high number
  1. That Grip – Pull Ups
    Improve your grip strength, toughens soft hands, and strengthens your shoulders, arms, back, and core.How to: Form is key, so focus on extending fully at the bottom, getting at least your chin over the bar, and staying in control all the way down — don’t just drop. Alternate between a wide and a narrow grip. You might be able to do only three or fewer reps, but do your best to work up to at least 10. I do at least three past when I feel a burn.


  2. Increased Power & Control – Single Leg Box Jump
    Creates better takeoffs and landings by increasing power and control.How to: On a set of stairs, start with the first step and perform 10 jumps with your left leg and 10 jumps with your right leg. Move on to the second step and perform five jumps with your left leg and five jumps with your right leg. Take your time and focus on soft, controlled landings. Don’t move to the next rep until you are planted and in control.
  3. Strength – Pillar Bridge
    Building strength and stamina in the chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, hips, abdominals, and lower back.How to: Do a bridge keeping your back perfectly flat and your shoulder blades pulled apart. You should not feel (or see) a “bowing” of your lower back. Keeping the back flat will optimally recruit your core muscles. Similarly, on the push-up portion of the exercise, the back should also remain flat. Furthermore, the push-ups should be done through a full range of motion with a brief pause at the top of each rep to reduce momentum: ideally, your forehead should lightly touch the floor on each rep. Finally, DO NOT REST DURING THE TRANSITION BETWEEN THE PILLAR BRIDGE AND PUSH-UP & DON’T PUT YOUR KNEES DOWN.
    Gets guys attention and free rides on boats…How to: there are many series and suggestions but I always go back to the squat challenge. You can find more about it here.

CG - Powel

It is already mid-March and just like the snow disappearing, so are the layers and you won’t be able to hide for much longer from putting that bikini on… get started only about two months until the WAKE season begins.

Happy Shredding – XOXO


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