The Do’s & Don’ts of Being a Boat Guest

Boating Experience

A perk about my friend circle, I have several friends with nice wakeboarding and surfing boats. When you find people who love doing the same activities as you, it just happens. This isn’t to say I sit and take advantage of their generosity. The reason I keep getting invited back is because I am very respectful of it.

I grew up visiting multiple lakes across Minnesota. Boating has always been a big part of my life. From fishing to pontooning, then my sister and I discovered water-tubing and tubing wars. Through the years the types of boats and my recreational activities on them have changed and become more aggressive and adventurous. In college, I was introduced to wakeboarding behind an actual wakeboarding boat and became obsessed with this new boarding sport I could pursue in the summer months while snowboarding wasn’t an option.

After several seasons of wakeboarding and now my new love of wakesurfing (learn how to surf here) I have noticed some trends I’ve observed while hanging out on different boats that I ride. Some of which are my close friends and others where I find other riders who are looking to fill the boat.

The Do’s & Don’ts

So here it is, a quick list of do’s and dont’s to help ensure you get that invite back:


Show up on time! When you’re hanging on someone else’s boat don’t act like a diva, show up when they ask. There are peak times to hit that beautiful glassy water that you do not want to miss.


Sit there watching while the crew is setting up, be polite and ask if you can help. The captain loves those who help out and are willing to learn the ropes of the boat.


Listen to the captain and sit where you are asked. We all want that perfect wake whether it be surfing or wakeboarding therefore you have to balance the boat properly. This doesn’t just include filling the ballasts or fat sacks, but also the people and where they sit. So sit and stay put please.


Throw your garbage on the floor! We all love a good time and if the captain allows (which they always have in my experience) bring booze and snacks to share but be courteous and keep a clean space as it is not a big space. This also prevents things from getting stuck in the carpet or other places. Boats are not cheap, treat them like a Cadillac. My friend had the unfortunate event of gum getting stuck in the carpet of her boat this past summer from a guest on the boat. That doesn’t come out!


Chip in cash for gas, or Venmo. A fun filled day of surfing, wakeboarding or just trolling around isn’t cheap. Those boats have a lot of power sucking up a lot of gas so chip in even if they don’t ask. Heck you may get a shot out of the deal later but definitly an invite back!

Find A Boat To Ride

Start being social! Once you enter the world of wakeboarding and wakesurfing you meet a lot of other great people who lead the same lifestyle. This is how I have met some of my closest friends. Same goes for snowboarding too which it’s a big point in 17 Reasons You Need To Learn To Snowboard.


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