#Fail – Turning My Failures Into A Valuable, Fun Experience

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do… Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

I saw this quote for the first time a couple weeks ago from my fellow bloggers Chelsie and Summer. It has become the inspiration to my post this week. Instead of telling a story about my achievements and explorations I want to showcase my fails. We all fail sometimes, during those times it’s hard to look at those who succeed. We can get jealous, angry, or depressed.

One fail that happened recently, I was hoping to have this post up two weeks ago! I have been a bad blogger…but life happens and I have been on a crazy ride lately! Bringing it back, this week I am focusing on fails within the activities I love: wakeboarding, snowboarding, and running. I set big goals for myself last year. I didn’t fully achieve all them (#fail) but I try to turn every frustrating experience into a positive learning experience. I’m a glass half full kinda gal.

1) I bought my first wakeboard, a Liquid Force Angel (mine’s 2014). I was determined to jump the wake by the end of the season! I did not (#fail) but I am so close! Through my adventures I did get some great photos out of the deal, along with tossing my salad a few times. Through this goal and experience I made new friends and got some great advice to help me land this, and other tricks. This community of boarders is so unique because everyone loves to help each other succeed, one of the big reasons I love it so much.

Wakeboarding in Denver Colorado Group Shot In action
Wakeboarding in Denver Colorado with Captain Bob – Chelsie Boarding
Wakeboarding on Pickeral Lake MN with Captain Mike
Wakeboarding With Friends Group Shot
Party Group Shot wakeboarding and wakesurfing in MN with Captain Wade
Wakeboarding in Denver Colorado Group Shot
Wakeboarding in Denver Colorado with Captain Bob. How many boards can fit on a boat!?
Wakeboarding Action Shot From Boat
Wakeboarding action shot with Captain Wade – Kristin Boarding

2) I planned to make it out to the mountains each month this season, unfortunately I am missing February(#fail) but that is due to purchasing a home! So I’ll let February slide. This experience has definitely taught me how to budget well as I am not willing to give up traveling. 

3) I competed in my second ever triathlon. The Life Time Tri Maple Grove. My goal was to finish without stopping and beat my prior year’s time of 1:45. I ended up having a severe panic attack during the last portion, causing what seemed like an allergic reaction at first. My airways closed and I collapsed. I did not even get the chance to finish, instead I ended up in the med tent with the medics trying to calm my body down. Now, that was quite the experience and I don’t wish it upon anyone but looking back it was a beautiful experience to see how people worked together. Complete strangers came to my aid who weren’t even racing to grab help and make sure I was okay. With all the hate we see in the media, these moments of people coming together is what I cherish most.

Now, what’s a fail post without some of the glory caught on camera?  

My favorite little gem that catches much of my action is my GoPro Hero 3+ camera.
The best of times are failing with friends for great laughs and stories.

Tata for now,


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