Consider Yourself Challenged!

After traveling and doing some reflecting I have started thinking about the future and what is to come and then it dawned on me… there are only about 3 months until wakeboarding season!wakeboarding 1

While some of you might wait for the water to warm up a little more than I do, nonetheless it does mean that the clothing will be getting smaller and those puffy winter jackets will be coming off… Therefore, I CHALLENGE YOUย to join me for a fitness challenge. Not only will it help get those leg and arm muscles ready for the upcoming season but it will help get you in shape for a killer end to the snowboard season.

FACT: During the Colorado Avalanche Institute Center’s avalanche awareness session in November they did project that the spring months would have the best snow for the season. Just another reason to join the challenge!

Here is the challenge… the 30 Day Squat Challenge! I did this when I went to Lake Powell last fall and the results are real. I never had such a in shape bottom and actually was so happy with the results I went and bought a pair of those itsy bitsy scrunch bikini bottoms.

Below is the routine and the best part is it only take about 10-20 minutes out of your day so it is completely manageable! Let us know you accept our challenge by liking this post of Facebook, Instagram, or responding in the comments on our blog for your chance to win some schwag! We will announce the winner in 30 days when the challenge is completed… so happy squatting you and your butt will appreciate it!



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