It has taken me a little longer than I wanted to check back in. Since my last post I started a new job, went to Mexico, and have been trying to evaluate what really is important in life. What I have learned is that at the end of the day you need to do what is really going to make YOU happy. Time after time I have sacrificed my own happiness to please others and the result is always the same… disappointment.

My travels to Mexico were very bittersweet as the trip turned out to be the furthest thing from what I expected or needed at this point in my life. So I have needed to do what gets me back to me… if you are having a bad day or week here are my top recommendations on how to unwind and just forget about life:

Reflect On The Past.
It is okay to reflect and look back, but think about the things you have accomplished and the things that really make you happy… those memories you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Get Lost. 
Grab a book and read something you have been meaning to for the past year or so. Take an hour or two for yourself and just get lost in something that is not just watching TV or surfing online, step back from it all for once and spend some time on you.

Grab a Friend or Two and Hit The Slopes.
Nothing helps you forget a bad day like ripping some fresh lines with some great friends.

Make sure you spend time reflecting on what has brought you down and why it has, otherwise you are prone to continue to make the same mistakes. Actually create that bucket list and think about the things you want to accomplish in life.


So remember life is full of ups and downs and it is how you decide to move forward and process the hard times that will put you back on course for success. Sometimes that means actually putting yourself first.

Life is too short… so get out there and live it and don’t dwell on what or who you can’t change.



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