17 Reasons You Should Snowboard

If you’re reading this either you don’t snowboard or may be very new and not sure after day one you should continue because of how sore your entire body feels or you’re trying to get your friends to try but they keep saying NO! Or maybe you just like my writing and that’s okay too.

Guess what, no more excuses! I have put together just for you, a fantastic list of reasons why you should strap into those bindings and hit the slopes.

1. The Homies 

Have you been trying to get out and meet new people? This is the best way to! Most everyone you meet on the mountain is there because they love the sport just as much as you so you already have something in common. Hit up the singles line and hop on a lift with some randoms to start a conversation. You all have great stories to share of your snowboarding adventures and of course your awesome fails for some good laughs.


2. Relaxation

Cruising down a slope helps you forget about your troubles and lets you focus on one thing, the ride. This is the perfect way to unwind after a long week at work. Pick a playlist and just cruise! My current favorite cruising music is ODESZA’s newest album “In Return”. Listen Now On Spotify

3. Challenging

You’ve learned to carve, now try some tree runs! Okay you’ve got that down? Hit some natural features throughout the run. Next, try the terrain park. For those who like to challenge themselves there’s always something new to learn and aspire to in snowboarding.

4. Workout

Snowboarding is a full body workout. Using your core for balance and quick turns. Your legs as shocks, your toes and heels for turning working those calves. Don’t forget about your arms to push yourself back up when you fall. Not to mention that calorie burn! You can burn more than 300 calories in an hour depending on how hard you work. Here is a great article from Fitness Blender about some of the other factors to calorie burn and snowboarding: Snowboarding Calories: How Many Calories Does Snowboarding Burn?

NOTE: Be watching for a great total body workout I will be posting just to prep you for your boarding trip!

5. Variety

Every day of riding is what you make it. You may stick to your comfort zone of the nicely groomed trails. If you’re one to want more variety snowboarding has it all in one sport! There are your groomed trails, your “out of bounds” areas at resorts, total backcountry, and the playground in the park. Try out some different riding styles to see what best suits you. Personally I like a bit of everything.


6. Scenery

Need I say more?


7. Traveling

With so much terrain to discover this sport can never get old! Think big! You can hit a lot of great spots here in the U.S. alone but there are mountains all over the world. If you have the travel bug like I do this is a great excuse to go out and explore. One of my favorite ways to travel is by staying in houses/condos posted on airbnb.com I love this site because it’s everyday people putting up their space for you to stay. They always have great local recommendations you wouldn’t find as an average tourist.

Off to Colorado 12/10/15 – Nine flying, three driving and meeting more who live there!

8. Tricks

With many different styles of tricks such as surface, aerials, rails and more there’s always a new trick to nail if that’s your thing. There’s a whole community of people just like you at every skill level on the Riders App. This is a great resource of how-to’s and showing off your accomplishments while progressing to the next level. I highly recommend wearing braces and a helmet before attempting tricks to avoid injury. No one wants to sit out the rest of the season.

9. The Style

Here are some of my personal faves: 686, Oakley, Burton, and Electric.



10. To love the Snow

Personally I have always been a complete snow bunny but many of my friends and co-workers sit inside in the winter because they don’t like the snow. Instead of moping around either move somewhere where you don’t have to deal with it, or find a reason to love it! Once you get into snowboarding you will discover the amazingness of a pow day and be anxious for more to fall.

11. The Lingo

Bail, Bomber, Crust, Dump, Pow, Gnar, Stomp
It’s like a whole new language in the world of boarding! Lot’s of crazy slang terms used to describe the many different aspects of snowboarding (and skiing). To get to know the lingo check out this great article: The Modern Day ‘Ski Lingo’ (Language)

12. Adrenaline Rush

I know one of my previous points was how relaxing it is. Some days are for cruising, others are for charging through that powder and down those slopes! The speed, the bliss of flying down that mountain (or hill) is insane! You must try it for yourself to experience it. I would recommend putting together or finding a good playlist for this as well to get you pumped up! Check out my “Time to Shred” playlist for some inspiration. Listen Now On Spotify

13. Group Event

Snowboarding is a great way to bond with friends and create awesome memories together. This last December I went with a crew of about 20 out to Breckenridge Colorado to kick off the 2015/2016 season! We are all still reminiscing about it too…


14. Solo Adventure

Have you ever traveled solo before? No waiting for anyone, riding at your own pace, exploring as you want! I’ve gone to Vail solo and it was bliss! Met a lot of people on the lifts and I could do whatever runs I wanted all day! I hit the slopes locally solo all the time as well and have found many others who do the same in which we’ve become buddies. Again leading back to point #1, the homies.

15. Family Sized Fun

Do you have kids? Get them out during the winter months and teach them to shred too! I will be teaching my 5 year old nephew once the temps warm up a little here in Minnesota. I have seen kids as young as 3 on a snowboard and 18 months on skis. Don’t think because you are a parent you can no longer go out and enjoy your sport, bring your kids with!

16. Never Gets Old

I’ve been boarding for 10 seasons now and I am still not sick of it! In fact the more I go, the more my passion and love for this sport grows. New terrain to be discovered, new friends to be made. The snowboarding and skiing community is a wonderful group to be a part of, it is unexplainable until you experience it for yourself.

17. The Cost



There you have it, no more excuses! Get out and learn the best sport ever! If there is something I missed or another type of list you’d like to see please comment below.

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