Hola From The Mexican

Wakeboarding Powell
Hey there from Summit County, Colorado! My name is Chelsie aka The Mexican. You could enter the word “worst” Mexican as I hate spicy food and know nothing of my heritage or you could enter “dirty” as I love to get down and steazy on the snow and water! This post couldn’t happen at a better time as we are entering the New Year which means new beginnings and a time to reflect on the past.Slowly you will learn all about me and my crazy back story, but for now all you need to know is that I LOVE WATER… Frozen or Thawed.ย That is how this blog has come together. We wanted to provide a one stop resource for shredders of water and snow including: tips and tricks, best practices, seasonal preparation, gear reviews, the best shred spots, and answer any of your questions or concerns you might be to embarrassed to ask your friends (…so how do you do a backside 180?).

I know, I know, you are thinking who cares what you have to say… who are you anyways? By no means are we the “experts” but after years of experience we think we have a thing or two to share. If even one piece of advice or one story makes a difference then our mission has been accomplished. I know there are a few Type A personalities out there with doubts so here is the quick and dirty download on me personally:
So who are you…
My name is Chelsie, I am originally from Minnesota and after following my heart and taking a leap of faith, I now call Colorado home. I have been shredding for over ten years and LOVE the water.
ยปI love water so much in fact that I have the Chinese symbol for it as a tattoo
Wakeboarding Teaching
So you have some experience, what can you offer me…
Our goal is to share our experiences, struggles, and advice to help all riders advance in their sport and just to make you laugh ever now and then with our epic fails! Seriously though I have taught over 100 people how to wakeboard with a 99.8% success rate and I also teach snowboarding here in Colorado.
ยป The only person I couldn’t ever get up wakeboarding was an ex-boyfriend and well… there is a reason he is an EX
Okay I am interested what’s next…
Make sure to stop back often as we will be posting weekly about the latest and greatest and also featuring guest bloggers. If you have topics or anything you want to learn more about please let us know. Otherwise this month we will be posting from across the globe as our travels bring us to Mexico. We will also be bringing you the latest and greatest from SIA later this month.… Until Then Hasta Luego!



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