How I Began My Crazy Snowboarding Adventure

Now, back to my story from the last post…

Headed out to Powder Ridge in Kimbal MN with some of my high school girlfriends. Small hill, 12 runs. The perfect place for beginners here in the frozen tundra.

I just bought my own board, I’ve only gone a handful of times. Trying to keep up with the other girls was a challenge but I accepted it. I’ve always had a competitive side of me.

Finally. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t fall on my butt each time I get off the lift. My mind rambles “Alright, now I’ve figured this out. I can turn a little..I can stop without a problem…Okay, lets do this.”

While my confidence is building I’m discovering a habit that I like being on my toes much better than my heels, must be the dancer in me. Starting to gain a bit of speed. With my friend coaching me from downhill I generally end up passing her on the right with my toe-side habits.

I’m riding fairly smoothly now. Her and I decide to hit an easy slope with a longer ride. Strap in, let’s go! I let her start before me since she takes runs slower, now that I’ve figured this out I’m ready for speed.


Yes! I got this! Full speed ahead! Then, she swoops to the left without looking, across my path right ahead of me. Snowplowing.


I prepare myself for what’s about to happen.

My board, pointing down the hill goes straight under hers. I’m in the air and all I can think about is “okay, I’m going to land on my nose. How can I land to get the least amount of blood on my jacket….” Can you tell I’m a girl?

Have you ever realized how slow time moves when your falling/flying like that? What took less than a minute felt like ten.

I landed smack on my face, dug my elbows in to scoot myself forward. Success! Minimal blood on my jacket, only a few drops! Thankfully I wear a handkerchief when I board so I used that to hold my nose. Turn around to find my friend clutching her shoulder. She had rolled pretty hard quite a few times apparently.

We suck it up and board down the rest of the slope and hit up the medic. She ends up in a sling and at least I know I didn’t break my nose! Shocking, really.

In the end I ended up with an hour and a half nose bleed and she tore two ligaments in her shoulder but it gave us a great story. I should mention there was a third friend there who watched the whole thing with a disposable camera in hand. Unfortunately she only caught the aftermath and has those photos.

What did I learn? Make your falls count so you have a good story! 

I just got back from a trip out west, be watching for my latest adventure in the next few weeks full of photos and videos!

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