Welcome To Our New and Crazy Adventure Blog

Yes! I got this! Full speed ahead! Then, she swoops to the left without looking. Straight across my path ahead of me. Snowplowing.

First, lets start from the beginning. My name is Kaitlyn. I am one of three bloggers bringing these adventures to you. By day I’m a graphic designer living in Minneapolis Minnesota. By night I’m an accident-prone adventure junkie. I’ve always had a knack for trying new things but really the craze started with snowboarding and escalated when I got a GoPro for Christmas. (No, they do not endorse me I just love them!)

You snowboard right? Or ski? Then you get it. You understand the rush of flying down the hill, contemplating your next move. Nothing else on your mind, it’s free! Just thinking about where you’re going next or what trick you’re going to attempt.

I love this feeling and have decided to start living a lifestyle that reflects it.

I am by no means a professional, I still feel like a baby to the sport and I’ve been doing this for 10 years! Unfortunately most has been in MN until recently. I’m on a journey to travel to new terrain, add some tricks to my portfolio and get some awesome shots at the same time.

My feet are happy on a board no matter if the water is frozen or thawed. That is what this blog is about. New adventures, old stories, struggles, advice and landing that trick!

For now, I’m going to leave you on a cliffhanger though. Come back to find out what happens!

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