Learn How to Wakesurf in Minnesota

Surf's Up here in Minnesota! Get the skinny on how we surf the lake without a wave and learn step-by-step how to wakesurf. This specific technique has been taught to many newbies who have never tried a board sport and succeeded.

Spring Snowboarding: Helpful Tips & Tricks

Never discount Mother Nature she will always surprise you! Just like this week in Breckenridge, Colorado we have gotten a reported 18+ inches in the last 72 hours, trust us it was DEEPER though! After a droughtful spring and the powder shocker this week, it reminded us that spring riding is much different than regular... Continue Reading →


After some time away and like the spring I am back! It is amazing how wrapped up in something you can get and with the blink of an eye you're into the next season. So with the lack of fresh snow and temps in the 80s here in Denver this weekend, it is time to... Continue Reading →

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